Sunday, April 29, 2012

Landscape Study - Craig Mullins

So for the last project of the semester in my digital class, I decided to do a study off of another artist's paintings. I've always liked looking at Craig Mullins' artwork, so I did a study/copy(Not quite?) of one of his concept art paintings. Environments and lighting aren't something I've done as often as I'd like, but that'll be changing now with classes about to end.

I take no credit for creation or originality, merely attempting to learn from a better artist :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stilts McGee

A humorous alias of mine, Stilts McGee is the crazy girl that runs around on stilts and scares people around building corners. She and Lily really aren't too different, but Stilts unashamedly admits that she had a Napoleon complex while growing up, so traipsing about on wooden poles are her way of coming to terms with her height problems.

Say hello to Stilts!

Support your local stilt walker! 

Skittles! Lovebirds!

Not really. Anyways. I'm trying out some different styles, and this piece is in the style(sort of) of Brittney Lee, who is phenomenal with cute things and birds and paper cutouts and just things in general. Definitely go give her a looksy!

In any case, the main idea for this piece was to try and push myself with color, and to try out a style that's outside of what I typically do. My initial idea had it being a lot more vividly colored, with a lot MORE colors, too, but I think I'm satisfied with how it came out.

Little lovebirds!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Secret of Mana

This is a cover/poster redesign for an old super nintendo game called the Secret of Mana. The character on it is the Mana Goddess of the land it takes place in. The basic design actually comes more from the game's sequel, Secret of Mana 2(Otherwise known as Seiken Dentetsu 3, since there was never an official release of it in the states, only fan translations). You see the Mana Goddess a few times in Secret of Mana 2, and it's her design from that game that I redid.

I'm kind of super excited to print this one, though. While it was supposed to be a game "cover" redesign, I worked with the idea of a poster lurking in the back of my head.