Thursday, December 8, 2011

zBrush Jungle Lady

Final project in my zBrush class for the semester, this assignment involved designing a character in some form of an environment in zBrush, and then moving it into photoshop and finishing it as an illustrated piece.

It definitely still needs some work, but I had a lot of fighting with zBrush for this because I made some mistakes with subdivision layers, file sizes, etc. I'll also add in the concept sketches for the lady to this post later. :)


Final piece for my digital illustration class this semester. The project was to design potential leave behinds when going in for interviews, so this is one part of mine, the drawing and painting being made specifically for this. The other cards in the leave behind will have other artwork of mine on them, but this is the general idea.

This is also the more conceptualized gypsy character Sita, with a name change and very small changes to her outfit. "Sorina" is the Romanian word for "Sun," which I found appropriate given her blond hair.