Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Cover - Biting the Sun

A book cover assignment in my digital class, I chose the book "Biting the Sun" by Tanith Lee(Written in '76-77, I highly recommend it!) It's a book about a futuristic utopia where pleasure, joy, physical and drug related ecstasies and thinking no complicated in depth thought it the expected behavior. Everything is provided for by authoritative robot personel. One person though, unnamed throughout the book, becomes disenchanted with this. She starts looking for more of a meaning to life, some purpose to make herself feel worth living, and by this she stands out and is eventually exiled.

I've read it so many times, and it is so unique and wonderful and different that I will read it many more.

This is actually the second go in terms of the cover. Below was the first one, with some of the base colors, before I decided to re-do it:

The proportions were off, angle was awkward, lots of things were just not right about it. The remake isn't perfect either, but I like it a little bit more at least.

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